Sinara gives you the chance to work on a variety of projects and platforms. Your first project may involve working on applications such as trading systems, options pricing algorithms, or market surveillance tools, including web, desktop and mobile front-ends, as well as back-end algorithms, communications and databases.

Designing appropriate solutions to the technical challenges you encounter will require creative thinking and attention to detail. You may need to consider what is really needed not just the stated requirements.

At Sinara your colleagues will be as talented and committed as you are yourself. Sinara is a small company, where you can reasonably expect to know who everyone in the company is, and we encourage effective teamwork and inter-team collaboration. We value every member of the company, and we are keen to show that with regular technical seminars, social lunches, and other personal and professional support.

Sinara employs a flexible working policy where you can either work from home or attend our office located south of Tower Bridge. There may also be opportunities to work on-site, perhaps at a leading exchange or other financial institution.